Perpetual Motion

Chris Meigh-Andrews

Continuous Cycle

Year Produced:

In Rewind Archive:
Yes (documentation)

Oxford Brookes University's first Artist in Residence, BBC Radio Oxford, 27 Feb 1994, Live Interview

Funding Source:
Southern Arts, Northwest Arts, Oxford Photography & Ontario Ministry of Arts, visiting artist award (1994)

Original Format:
3/4" U-Matic Lo Band

Type of Work:
Gallery installation. Wind machine, wind turbine, 12V video monitor, Apple Mac Quadra 840AV, Umatic player and Video Projector.

Technical Details:
Wind turbine powered the 12V monitor from the wind created via the wind machiine.

First Exhibited or Screened:
School of Visual Arts, Music and Publishing, Oxford Brookes University, June 1994

Subsequent Exhibition or Screenings:
Perpetual Motion, Saw Contemporary Arts Centre, Ottawa, Aug-Sept 1994
Back\Slash, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, Sept-Nov 1996