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" we have been looking at society in terms of the disaffiliated and other groups within it, and have developed the concept of Social Matrix in which to describe our findings. The Social Matrix is a map of society seen from the individual's point of view, and we feel it will be of tremendous use to any group or government wanting to communicate with the disparate and decentralised activity that is now part of young society."
Letter to Andrew Page at the Arts Council 12 December 1969. In files at BAFVSC.
"Why should art be the domain of the few and not the many? Shouldn't democratization of culture, and in our case the liberation of communications technology for public access, be an integral part of our actual art activity? We demand the unity of technology, art and politics; the unity of information, meaning and effect."
Sue Hall and John Hopkins (1976) 'The Metasoftware of Video', Studio International, May/June,p.260.

Exhibition Catalogues and Information

'John Hopkins and Sue Hall - video retrospective 1970-91' Lux show running order and script, 18th October, 2000.pdf here.
'1970 UFO + TV Bachdenkel' promotional poster, New Arts Laboratory, 14th - 15th February 1970.pdf here.
John Hopkins and Sue hall - video retrospective 1970-91' short notes on extracts shown, and a contextual note, 1970-91.pdf here.
Live events programme with promotional material for Hopkins' "You Can make it if you try", 'Video Times - The Video Show', 1-25 May 1975, Serpentine Gallery, London.pdf here.

Essays, Articles and Reviews

'Video - BBC to broadcast Video cassette as part of Disco 2' article from 'Friends', October 1970.pdf here.
'Video - the Frost Hijack', article from 'Friends', 11 December 1970.pdf here.
Press clippings: 'Communications Breakdown' & 'People's Tube' documenting 'Graft-On!' recordings, Time Out, 1974.pdf here.
'Interview with Michael Shamberg'[later of Raindance corp.] on his book 'Guerrilla Television', Centre of Advanced Television Studies, 1971.pdf here.
'Is cable Dying?' JH & SH, Film and Video Extra n.3, Greater London Arts Association, December 1974.pdf here.
News Article on Fantasy FactoryÝs 2-machine edit suite 1987. pdf here

Text by Hopkins and Hall

Article from Studio International, 1976 ╬ The Metasoftware of video╠ by Sue Hall and John Hopkins.pdf here
'Italy: The Politics of Information' Time Out, Hopkins writing on how cable group Telebiella 'brought down the Italian government', c1970/71.pdf here.
'Arts Lab London, 17th March 1970, John Hopkins reporting', Friends, March 1970.pdf here.
'Video access' article, Independent Media, No.35, October 1984.pdf here.
'A Local History', Sue Hall, Film And Video Extra 5 Winter, Greater London Arts Association 1975.pdf here.
'Social-cultural Application of Television technology in the UK' JH, Film and Video Extra 4, Spring, Greater London Arts Association 1975.pdf here.
"Cable Tv" article by John Hopkins, CATS GLAA Film and Video index, June 1974.pdf here.
"User Specification for Video Editing Systems Suitable for Community Use" Hopkins and Hall, Draft of research commissioned by GLAA, November 1975.pdf here.
''That was the 80's... That was', John Hopkins, Independent media 100, June 1990.pdf here.
That was the 80sÍ Article by John Hopkins 1990. pdf here


Letter to Andrew Page (Arts Council) re TVX activity at New Arts Lab, 19th December 1969.pdf here.
Letter from John Hopkins to Mike Leggett re 'Our Book', 19th November '74.pdf here.
Reply from Mike Leggett to John Hopkins re 'Our Book', 29th November '74.pdf here.


'John Hopkins and Sue Hall - Diagram: Transfer chain - Video.pdf here.
'John Hopkins and Sue Hall - Diagram: Transfer chain - Audio.pdf here.
Grant request reccommendation to GLA (CATS) for software.pdf here.
Grant application to GLA, including cover letter (Cliff Evans), 1974.pdf here.
UK Video index, a guide to the most active individuals and groups, J CATS v1 n2, 1973; plus circular letter soliciting entries for the 1974 edition.pdf here.
Letter and invitation leaflet for Seminar, 16th July on "Low Grade Videotape as a production and distribution medium" Graft-On!' Sue Hall 1975.pdf here.
AVW News n4, includes response to 'Sainsbury's paper on group support', 'Discussion paper on copyright fees' & 'AVW constitution' 23rd April 1975.pdf here.
Film and Video Report - Half-inch Video Editing, Hall and Hopkins, report for Greater London Arts Association 1975.pdf here.
The Fantasy factory Videotape Archive: Introduction, Content and Social context', Cultural context, Other Collections.pdf here.
Fantasy Factory Compilation No 1 (Sidney Filmmakers Co-op programme note) 1974-80.pdf here.
Filmography: Appendix 2, Fantasy factory, List of Completed Video Productions, 1969-79.pdf here.
Article by Sue Hall and John Hopkins about IBC 1986. pdf here