CROSSPOINTS 1974 11mins B/W


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INTERLACE 1975 15mins B/W . Sound by David Cunningham


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All these early black & white videotapes were made on EIAJ 1/2 inch reel-reel open tape video recorders. Editing was achieved by roughly cueing up a player and recorder, marking with a white film-crayon, winding back as accurately as possible for a pre-roll, than engaging play. You hoped to press the edit button at the right time (or place) and that it would be releatively 'clean' . It was a hit&miss affair and certainly had little to do with film-style montage - more "an intervention in an ongoing process" as David Ross put it........

Unfortunately the reels no longer play and some of the works listed below are lost. "Easy Piece" and "Monitor" survive, largely thru the interest shown by people in the works, before the artist lost all of his own.


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ABOVE: catalogue page from The Video Show Serpentine Gallery 1975




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