8 x 8 x 8

1976 8x monitors, 8 x cameras, auto switcher, cctv.

The Video Show, Tate Gallery, London.

18 May-16th June 1976

Richard Corks's article for the Evening Standard reviewing the Exhibition CLICK HERE)



"There is a characteristic of video which is peculiar to itself: camera switching. The importance of mixing/switching seems to have been overlooked in most analysis of video aesthetics; the dialogue mainly being concerned with the difference between the film frame and the video field. Using an electronic switcher/mixer it is possible to switch from camera to camera, and produce dissolves, wipes and fades all in 'real-time', whilst the same effects in film cannot be achieved without an interruption in time.

The videotronic switcher then, allows the artist to "intervene strategically in an on-going process". Closed circuit installations can be set up manipulating this quality of the medium to produce temporal and spatial juxtapositions involving the audience as both spectator and subject.

Over the past six months I have been concentrating on this rather sculptural aspect of video rather than using video tape, and have designed an Automatic Video Switcher (AVS) along with Howard View, which we have been making since January at the Environmental Media department of the Royal College of Art, and the work can be seen at the Tate this month as part of my installation.

The AVS has eight inputs and outputs and is programmed by control pulses which are recorded on sound-tape and subsequently decoded by a multiplex encoder/decoder and fed to trhe switcher. More than one input (ie camera ) can be selected and the interval between switches can be any length of time. There is a matrix between the inputs and the outputs so that any camera can be programmed to feed any monitor or number of monitors at any given time.

Through the AVS time and space can be altered within a structural and programmed format. A camera's view (ie its space) may move around, from monitor to monitor - the larger space within which the installation exists. "

© 1976 stephen partridge

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