One Thousand and One Boys Games

1984 10 mins

(written and performed by John Yeadon)

click image for QT movie (5.75Mb)


1001 Boys Games was based on a poem written by the painter John Yeadon in 1983 called "Over a thousand and one boys' games". It combines computer-generated drawings by Yeadon from his Impossible Lovers series, with animation and digital video effects in a stream of images complementing the narration of the poem by the dramatist Tom McGrath. In addition to conventional camera-originated material and artwork, a Quantel Paintbox and a BBC micro computer were used to create the hundreds of 'cells' featured in the work.

"Speech returns, but still highly manipulated, in Partridge tour-de-force 1001 Boy;s Games, 1984, a video-vision of John Yeadon's chanted poem, recited by Yeadon, Tom McGrath and Partridge himself. Graphic text, line drawing and video image counterpose each other. The wit of the poem inspires the complex counter-rhythms of the video, just as Yeadon's relentless and quasi-logical categories echo Partridge's own taste for philosophical equations (as in the line 'Boys called John; Boys not called John', for example). "

-Al Rees



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