Some miscellaneous notes and articles upon my installations:





Review from Scotsman 1986 for Events Space 1 at the first space of the Glasgow artists-led Transmission Gallery. I had been staging regular events, performances, installations at the college in Dundee under the title Events Space for about a year, when two Post Grad students teamed up with Douglas Aubrey in Glasgow, and approached me with the idea of doing a similar thing in Glasgow with the Transmission Gallery.

We raised all the funding, equipment on a DIY basis, I remember Steve Littman and I even had to install an electrical ring circuit in the space. We opened in the snow, worried whether the equipment would still be there by the following week.



It was probably the only time that David Hall's films had been shown in Glasgow - to a very appreciative audience. The whole two weeks had a very festival-type air and I'm sure led to many more initiatives in Glasgow.