1988-93 various lengths 1 min -2 mins

(with David Cunningham)



"Some of these ideas are drawn out in their purest form by the Sentences series, 1988-93, in various languages and formats. The hints of linguistic philosophy, its word-games and literalness, which permeate the earlier works, are here centred on screen. The sentences in the cycle are self-referential tautologies, near-complete propositions which encompass all their elements - including graphic signs such as full stops. The digital play of letters is complements by a pop-mix soundtrack, so that the austerity of the printed word enters a more demotic or popular sound-space, taking up the post-Fluxus word-play format of artists like Paul Sharits and Michael Snow, but here stripped down to bare statements rather than expanded by word association, the Sentences ramify out in later pieces. "- Al Rees

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