Quattro Minuti di Mezzogiorno

A joint work by Elaine Shemilt & Stephen Partridge

Exhibited at Fuoriluogo 15 - Una Regressione Motivata, Limiti Inchiusi Arte Contemporanea, Campobasso, Molise, Italy. December 18 - January 23.
Exhibition included work by Fausto Colavecchia (IT), Douglas Gordon (GB), and was curated by Deirdre MacKenna, Director of Stills - Scotland’s centre for photography in Edinburgh and Direttore, Documenti dal Molise.

A joint work with Elaine Shemilt. Hi-Definition Video installation that exploits the super-real photographic quality of the form. The scene of rooftops and a church in the foreground appears to be still, but slight movements of distant cars, people and birds reveal that time is passing. Church bells may be heard at first in the distance and then nearer until the bells in shot move and peal. The work explores the slowly changing pace of life and the title refers to the time base and the perjorative term given to the ‘lazy’ south of Italy.

"Partridge and Shemilt have collaborated for over ten years working with film, video, sound and installation, exploring and deconstructing systems of language in order to reveal their structures and suggest possibilities which may arise from them. The sound from Quattro Minuti di Mezzogiorno resonates throughout all the spaces within the gallery, pervading our reading of each work and the picture we construct as a whole, gently undermining the very measurement of Time and in doing so, the institutions that profess to announce it. "

Deirdre MacKenna 2010

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