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David Hall, End Piece

Ambika P3, University of Westminster, London

Exhibition: 16th March - 22nd April 2012

Ambika P3 Presents a major solo exhibition by David Hall, the influential pioneer of video art, featuring a new commission '1001 TV Sets (End Piece)' 1972-2012, as well as re staging two seminal early works. This timely exhibition vividly heralds the end of analogue TV in the UK as London finally switches to digital in April 2012.

Exhibited Works: 1001 TV Sets (End Piece) 1972-2012 Progressive Recession 1974 TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces): The Installation 1971/2006


Duvet Brothers Multiscreen

DJCAD Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Performance: 5 November 2010, 8pm

Exhibition: 6-19 November 2010

Influential 1980s video artists, the Duvet Brothers, will perform together for the first time in over 20 years. From 1984-1989, The Duvet Brothers – AKA Rik Lander and Peter Boyd Maclean – were pioneering Scratch Video artists who produced innovative music, pop videos, commercials, and TV title sequences as well as becoming known for their riotous live performances. The duo will perform a renowned show they originally presented at the Limelight Club in Soho in September 1986, which will become an installation and run until 19th November.

Exhibition opening times: Tues-Fri 12.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 12.30-17.30



Tate Lightbox - REWIND + PLAY

Tate Britian, Millbank, London, SW1P 4RG

8 May – 27 June 2010

Tate Britain in association with Lux are to present a selection of work from the REWIND + PLAY DVD recently released by Lux and REWIND.

Projection: In Two Minds (two-screen version), Kevin Atherton (1978, 25 min.); Circling, Peter Donebauer (1975, 12 min.); Kensington Gore, Catherine Elwes (1981, 15 min.); Time Spent, Judith Goddard (1981, 12 min.); Clapping Songs, Tina Keane (1979, 6 min.); Monitor, Stephen Partridge (1975, 6 min.)

Monitor: TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces), David Hall (1971, 23 min.); Vanitas, Tamara Krikorian (1977, 8 min.)



Lost and Found: Video and Installation Works 1976-2010

Streetlevel Photoworks, Trongate 103, Glasgow, G1 5HD

16th April - 30th May 2010

Lost and Found is an exhibition which will reconstruct some early video installations from 2 key events in Glasgow in the 70s and 80s: ‘Video – towards Defining an Aesthetic’ (Third Eye Centre, 1976) and EventSpace 1 (Transmission, 1986). Presented in collaboration with the REWIND project in Dundee, it includes works by Tony Sinden, Stephen Partridge, Stephen Littman, Pictorial Heroes, Zoe Redman and Kevin Atherton.

In the early days of video art, technological advancements were providing new opportunities for its development. The Videowall was a powerful new tool for the progression of the installational ideas of video art as a whole at the time. At Transmission in 1986 this was tested for the first time and then followed up at the first Video Positive Festival in 1989.


Kill Your Timid Notion 2010

Dundee Contemporary Arts

26-28th Feb 2010

As part of KYTN, Rewind has curated Kevin Atherton's 'Video Times' (1984) piece to coincide with the the festival's theme of 'non-art'.

Conceived of as a dual publication, video cassette and booklet, to be presented as an installation. The content of the videotape is the artist watching television. Illuminated by the flickering glow of the TV set the artist as TV viewer earnestly peers out of the screen whilst simultaneously balancing a cup of tea and a chocolate eclair on his lap. The printed booklet, which parodies a weekly TV guide, humorously brings the piece full circle by providing a detailed second by second guide to his actions.


Time Revealing Truth

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Tamara Krikorian and Tony Sinden

Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium

Tuesday 27 October 2009, 18.30

In the Summer of 2009, the world sadly lost two important British artists who pioneered the use of the moving image in the gallery during the 1970s - Tamara Krikorian and Tony Sinden. Both of these artists were involved significantly in the REWIND project.

A joint memorial event was held at Tate Modern which was hosted by Stuart Comer and AL Rees. More information about the event can be found here.

The event also coincided with the launch of REWIND + PLAY DVD, in which both Tony and Tamara are featured.



DVD Launch & Performance of In Two Minds by Kevin Atherton

Stills, 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BP

Thursday 22 October 7pm Free

In Two Minds is a two monitor installation first exhibited in the Serpentine Gallery, London in 1978. This work consisted of Atherton on one video monitor asking questions of himself on the other monitor. The questions, typically of that time, largely address the nature of the piece itself. At the time of making the piece he had no intention of using it beyond the Serpentine show, the rough and ready state of the black and white tapes attest to this. However, the 'open' or 'incomplete' nature of the work allows him to 're-enter' it and create a new live version, where as a 58 year old man he can answer questions put to him by his 27 year old former self.

The REWIND + PLAY DVD, being launched at this event, presents a selection of key works from the first decade of artist's video practice in the UK. From early conceptual experiments exploring the parameters of the medium to works dealing with media culture and television this collection explores the range and diversity of the first years of video as new media. Produced in collaboration with LUX.



REWIND @ Stills

Stills, 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BP

6th August - 25th October 2009

Monday - Thursday 11am - 9.00pm, Friday - Sunday 11am - 6pm

REWIND at Stills is a specially curated exhibition, for the Edinburgh Arts Festival, of seminal works from the formative years of British video art. Digitally remastered and archived by REWIND, this showcase of pioneering artworks from the 1970’s and 1980’s is organised in partnership with Stills and exhibited in Stills' public resource area. The videotechstyle exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view the early years of a medium that has become a cultural mainstay in museums and galleries alike. In addition to the video collection, visitors will be able to access information on all the artists and their work from an online resource, which includes interviews with the artists, critical texts, reviews and ephemera. REWIND Artists’ Video in the 70s and 80s is a research project based at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee.


BBC Big Screen Edinburgh

Festival Square, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

5th August - 5th September 2009

Daily at intermittent times

In partnership with artist Kate V. Robertson, Magic Lantern (Scotland’s leading short film curators), artist David Hall and REWIND Artists' Video in the 70s & 80s, the Edinburgh Art Festival will be broadcasting daily from the Big Screen Edinburgh:

During the 1971 Edinburgh Festivals, David Hall broadcast his Television Interruptions on Scottish TV. Over several days, normal broadcast was randomly ‘interrupted’ by his unannounced and uncredited artworks, which remain among the earliest and most important in the history of video art. In celebration, these original works will again be intermittently broadcast on the Big Screen Edinburgh. Also included is 'Monitor' by Stephen Partrdige from 1975


Kill Your Timid Notion: Micronotions

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Visual Research Centre, Microcinema

10th-12th October 2008

Friday 18.00-23.00, Saturday 10.30-23.00, Sunday 12.00-23.00

REWIND have selected a number of works from the collection as part of the 'Kill your Timid Notion' festival. This annual event explores the boundries between sound and vision using mediums such as video, film, sound art, avante garde music and performance.

Micronotions explores instances of repetition and abstraction from various perspectives honing on the relationships between what is seen and what is heard. The programme features work from the Duvet Brothers, Judith Goddard, John Latham, David Critchley, Mike Leggett, David Hall, Mineo Aayamaguchi, Peter Donebauer and Tony Sinden.

REWIND at doggerfisher

doggerfisher gallery, 11 Gayfield Sq, Edinburgh, EH1 3NT

30th September - 25th October 2008

Works from the REWIND archive are being exhibited at doggerfisher gallery. This is an excellent oppurtunity to see these important artworks. The works have been selected by doggerfisher in conjunction with REWIND and will feature the following artists: David Hall, Stephen Partridge, Tina Keane, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Mick Hartney and Ian Breakwell.


Scratch Video

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Cinema 2

Tues 1st April 2008, 6pm, £3

Streetlevel Photoworks, Trongate, Glasgow

16th - 21st March 2009

A screening of a series of videos from the ‘Scratch Video’ genre which was prevalent in the 1980s and has generally been forgotten about in contemporary culture. This genre was the first to use samples of video and mix them with sampled music and sound, leading into the dance music generation of the early 1990s. The works that will be shown are some of the best examples of this work from British artists.

These works use as their source, extracts from archive footage, news bulletins, old feature films and TV footage. They allude to socio-political and contemporary events such as the Cold War and Thatcher’s Britain. Some of the issues raised are still relevant today.

Artists featured: George Barber/Kim Flitcroft & Sandra Goldbacher/Jeffery Hinton/The Duvet Brothers/John Scarlett-Davis/John Maybury/Gorilla Tapes/Akiko Hada & Holger Hiller/Chris Meigh-Andrews/Nick Cope.

Lost and Found: Recovered Works from the 1970s

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Gallery 2

Fri 9th November 2007

An evening of video works not seen since the 1970s that have been recovered and preserved by REWIND. The works include ‘In Two Minds’ by Kevin Atherton, ‘Pieces I Never Did’ by David Critchley and Stephen Partridge’s ‘Dialogue for Four Players’. This was the first time these multi-screen pieces were exhibited as projections in this form.

Documentation to follow.

REWIND Soft Launch

Visual Research Centre and Dundee Contemporary Arts

April 7th- May 7th 2006

The Soft Launch had a number of components including workstations featuring the Database at the heart of the REWIND research resource, with interviews, ephemera, articles and other information on all of the artists who have participated in REWIND thus far.

It included:

Restaged Installations

7 TV Pieces by David Hall, 1971

Behold Vertical Devices by Tony Sinden, 1974

Vanitas by Tamara Krikorian, 1979

Demolition/Escape by Tina Keane, 1983

Monitor by Stephen Partridge, 1975

Public Launch Lecture

Professor Sean Cubitt and Dr Jackie Hatfield April 7th 2006

Performance of In Two Minds by Kevin Atherton

7th April 2006, 7pm DCA

8th April 2006, 12pm DCA

Round Table Discussion

8th April 2006, 3pm DCA, with Prof Stephen Partridge, Dr Jackie Hatfield, Prof Jane Prophet, Adam Lockhart, Prof Sean Cubitt, Prof Ian Christie, participating artists and special guests.

Click here to view more information and documentation from the exhibition.

Evening Salon

The Impact of British Art Schools on Early British Video Art

University of Westminster, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005, 6pm - 8.30pm

What were the major academic areas of thought for video art production during the 70s and 80s and what was the impact on early British video art?


Jon Bewley

Cate Elwes

Rob Gawthrop

Tine Keane

Sharon Morris

Chair: Jane Prophet

Included: Stephen Partridge and Jackie Hatfield, introducing the REWIND research project.