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"Of the 47 minutes of film exposed in 1895, the world's archives presently hold about 42. But of the work from 1896 to about 1915, a tiny fraction remains. In those years the feature film was born, and we have reports of extraordinary experiments with colour, sound and widescreen as well as revered performers and artists captured on film but now lost.

The arrival of the video-portapak in 1968 was as essential a moment of cultural history. The early days of a new medium are always immensely fertile, since no-one knows what they are supposed to do with it, so that pioneers feel free to try everything. Those experiments can be immensely fruitful for new makers" - Sean Cubitt

Please select REWIND for the UK Artists section or REWINDItalia for the Italian Artists section above.

REWIND began investigating video art in the UK in 2003 and has since become an important resource for curators, scholars, students and artists.

In 2008 we started investigating video art in Italy and in 2011 received further funding to commence REWINDItalia.

This website has interviews with artists, critics and writers; articles, essays, exhibition ephemera; and of course, news and events for both projects. There is a fully searchable database to aid discovery.

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